ParentPal would assist guardians by tracking behavioural and environmental cues and notifying the guardian of anything relevant.

3D printed parts sitting in cardboard box for spray painting

Consideration was taken to create a 3D-printed model that could be assembled to suggest a repairable device. The camera 'ball' was also designed to swivel through 90+15 (105) degrees of freedom, enabling the camera to look straight down (when mounted to the hub) as well as act as a standalone device.

In user testing and feedback, parents noted concerns about data privacy and product positioning, especially considering the current socio-political climate around topics like AI, data privacy and surveillance capitalism.

Therefore, non-prescriptive words like assist, enable, support and suggest were used throughout the project, so as to position the product as an aid, not a crutch, guide or replacement for health professionals.

The monitor features a single joint power/deafen button and no motor in the camera module, so the parent can simply and easily control what the monitor sees, hears and senses.